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Nature Pannel is an established name, specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality, modular polyurethane insulated panels for use in the construction of coldrooms, freezers, cold stores, controlled atmosphere rooms, food preparation areas and clean rooms for clients throughout Malaysia. We also manufacture a comprehensive range of insulated doors and frames which complement the panels.

Established in 2006, Nature Pannel is built on a previous experience in the design, manufacture and installation of controlled temperature environments to become established as major suppliers of coldrooms to household names such as KFC Holdings (KFC chain of restaurant in Malaysia & Ayamas), Department of Fisheries, Sabah and (ice cream factory).

We dedicate in maintaining an unparalleled level of professional and efficient design, manufacture and installation to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality of service. This attention to detail and our commitment to making sure that the job are ‘right first time’ has been the main reason for the successful growth of the company and the majority of our products are sold to repeat customers.

We are based in Balakong, Selangor in a new factory with modern polyurethane manufacturing plant which undergoes constant development and improvement to ensure that the quality of our products is second to none.

Polyurethane Insulated Cold Room / Controlled-Temperature Room

Polyurethane Insulated Wall and Ceiling

Cold Room Doors

Cold Room Floor

Refrigeration Equipments Supply

Polyurethane (PU Panel)

Blast Freezer Room

Refrigeration Systems

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